Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Shot@Life Champion Summit 2013 (Part 1) #globalvax

Photo Credit: Daniel Cima/ UN Foundation

When I applied to be a Shot@Life Champion, my mission was simple: to give children the same things I want for my own son. Last year I read blog posts and looked at pictures of children thousands of miles away who looked like my child. Their eyes were full of light and promise. I imagined that one day these children would be my son's college roommate or coworker. However, because of lack of access to vaccines, many of them (1.5 million this year alone) will succumb to preventable diseases.

How could I not apply?

Fast forward to this weekend, I traveled to Washington, D.C. to  join 100 other parents, students and advocates to learn more about vaccines, the art of lobbying, hosting events and fundraising. More importantly, I got to hear the stories of other Champions, why they applied, and how they are bringing this important cause back to their communities.


The one thing I had to keep telling myself throughout the Summit was to breathe. There is so much to be done and only so many hours in the day. For $20 you can immunize a child against four diseases: Polio, Rotovirus,  Measles, and Pneumococcal Disease. These are diseases that many Americans probably don't think about, unless they have a loved one who has been affected by it. Which makes it hard to think about its effect on children in other countries. Saving a child now for a nominal cost will save a lot of money down the line in hospital care. Or in the words of Real Simple magazine Editor in Chief, Kristin van Ogtrop, "it's stupid easy". It makes sense. 

Shot@Life Polio plush. 

So Shot@Life Champions are in our communities to spread the word about this "stupid easy" opportunity to rid the world of vaccine preventable diseases and raise money to give every child a shot at life. 
I will be sharing updates about the events I plan to host and updates about this important campaign. I invite you to join me in giving children around the world a Shot@Life. Join us or apply to be a Champion in your own community. 

To be continued next week...

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  1. This is so awesome girl! I've heard so many things about Shot@Life and even considered applying for it myself, but I knew that I that wouldn't be a good time to take off of work. I can't even imagine the emotions running through you at the time. Powerful indeed. Can't wait to read more about your experiences...


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