I think we all agree that people tend to divide all habits into healthier and worse but what if I said some considered good habits are not as beneficial as they think and that drinking a lot of water can lead to poisoning and brushing your teeth too often can actually be detrimental they. even everything that you know so far turns out to be wrong. Wait! But this is a habit you may want to consider. Like the 13 habits you should avoid:

Don’t stop sneezing by covering your nose and mouth with your hands

The speed of the bus is 320 km per hour. Can you imagine the impact of blocking the turbo burst at high speed wanting to escape from the veins? Starting from damaged eyes, eardrums ruptured, even to fractured ribs, and even a lot of sneezing injuries. By the way, sneezing into your hands is a powerful way to transmit disease to everyone around you. You leave germs on everything you touch, from furniture, doorknobs and more. You will be the king of the disease-transmitting site.

Keeping promises is good

but life is unpredictable situations keep changing and one day you may find it difficult or unable to keep your promise. In fact, most people do not want to disappoint others and try their best to keep their promises even to the point of harming themselves. That’s why if you believe that you can’t keep your promise, you don’t have to be pretentious, no one will think about the difficulties you’re going through, just admit that you can’t keep your promises and explain if necessary.

Drinking too many fluids is actually not healthy

And what I mean by liquid is not just water but also tea, coffee, and juice. even the main problem is your kidneys can’t process more than 1 liter of fluid per hour yes that’s why short time your habits health can be disturbed, But you should drink a glass of water immediately after waking up water it will turn on the digestive system and you should drink more water when you feel Fatigued is one of the symptoms of dehydration

Always say “YES” habits

It is a trend nowadays to say that you are more open to the world and don’t waste opportunities but at the same time you can harm yourself doing this task to be able to lift your clothesline I want to go with friends, of course, you understand what I mean. that’s why it’s better to do what you want to work and avoid what you don’t want to do and even though you know how to solve someone’s problem doesn’t mean you have to solve it
don’t brush your teeth after eating
especially if you have just eaten acidic dishes this will damage the enamel layer of the teeth and cause tooth decay. Wait at least half an hour before you eat acidic foods such as spicy or salty foods, soda or fast food, you should wait longer about 1 hour, but if You want to quickly get rid of food debris in your mouth pressing the human irrigator You can remove food debris without damaging your teeth

Listen! your body habits

people say if you sleep longer and now I know that sleeping as long as you want is not so good it’s worse if you sleep more I can get depressed weight gain and experience habits health problems 7-8 hours is enough for your body to recover energy If you wake up at same time every weekdays and weekends it will be easier for you to follow a regular bedtime many people trying to do useful things every moment of life as time goes on it will be harder to distinguish between laziness and much needed rest and that’s when you feel the time that you use for yourself you have to take care of

Efficient and useful and there are times when you need to relax and have nothing to do if doing nothing is too much for you. Try to outsmart it by thinking that during this time the body is recovering and without this process it will be able to do useful things in the future what can match In a hot shower after a long day the answer is that many hot showers bring more harm than benefit to your skin the hotter the water the wider pores open skin moisture charge dissipates very quickly hot water also washes away all the oil that protects you don’t you go out of the shower wondering. Why does the skin become so dry and since we are talking about bathing with soap every day as well as another strict prohibition this will strip the skin’s protective oil layer

Contrary to what many people think, thrifting all the time will do you good. Another seemingly good bad habit is how can I shed all that sweat without the experts suggesting that I wash my face not after workout but During exercise you tend to want to see your face but that way you get rid of all the dirt, dust and oil there. If you’ve ever tried to lose weight, you may have fallen victim to a healthy habit of turning to low-quality products. beef fat by doing this you are most likely also lowering your intake of good fats such as omega-3 fatty acids found in fish nuts and sea fish oils and some grains.


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