We often think that we are completely different from ancient people. They had these weird Traditions, they spoke unknown languages and so on, but archaeology shows that we are quite wrong. What kind of operations could the ancient Egyptians perform? What games did they play in this video right? Unbelievable Facts about the life of ancient Egyptians. Putting maybe how to walk like one, you know, Walk Like an Egyptian.


Most important inventions ever without a way to record information, there would be no way to store and pass on knowledge to the Future Generations. The Egyptians use pictograms, when simply depicted words later, they added characters that look a lot like modern alphabets, which help them to write down some abstract ideas. Maybe like how to build a pair of heads.  13, they invented tables. This might not sound impressive. But before the Egyptians, there were no tables as far as we know. So they made this simple piece of furniture to keep the food off the ground and also for gaming purposes. This is how a board game starts Egyptian Monopoly.


However, some people wanted to have some kind of hair on their heads, but still be able to feel comfortable. So when they feel like it, they used Wiz and when it was very hot. They simply took them off. And here comes the gross part, the richest and noblest people were wigs, made of actual human hair. Whereas common folks had wigs made of sheep wool.  11, they extracted iron from meteorites archaeologists found, metal beads in an ancient Egyptian tomb in 1911. Pretty small beads were found in the north of Egypt. But why were these beads? So unique? The thing is the Egyptians started to smelt iron, only 2,000 years later. So, how did they get metal beads chemical tests show that they were made from meteorites. And another argument for this point of view is the hieroglyph that the Egyptians had


Which means iron and can be translated as metal from the sky. Oh, that’s pretty chilling.  10. They invented toothpaste. There are several proofs that the Egyptians have been producing toothpaste since 5000 BC. As it turns out. They needed to paste. Not only for romantic dates. The Egyptians probably had very serious trouble with their teeth because they ate food with a lot of sand in it. And, of course, the right there in ammo. So, Oh, they needed something to keep their teeth clean and healthy. So they invented one of the first versions of two Fates. It consisted of Ashes, burn eggshells, and Ox feet, just the kind of stuff. You want to put it in your mouth, right? This doesn’t seem like a good start to the day. Anyway, archaeologists even managed to find some guides on how to mix these ingredients to make the right paste. Is there a wrong way to make this? Another fascinating Dental Discovery. We’re toothpicks that were buried together with mummies.


Probably the ancient Egyptians cared about their teeth so much that they even took some tools with them to the afterlife.  9, they used breath mints. As you already know, the Egyptians cared about their mouths, very much in ancient times. Bad breath was as unpleasant as it is today, even though their medicine was quite Advanced. They didn’t have any dentists who could help them with their bad. Teeth, scientists examined, mummies and found several worn-out teeth. Even in young people. So, to do something about the unpleasant smells from the mouth. They invented. The first myths, they use. Myrrh and cinnamon. They


Boil them with honey and make some kind of pellets, yum.  8, they used antibiotics in treatment. Yes, the Egyptians kind of invented antibiotics way before, the 20th century, but it looks like they didn’t know it. They used moldy flatbread that cures festering wounds. They fermented something that looked like porridge, that had very high levels of tetracycline, which we know as an antibiotic. However, there is no indication that the Egyptians understood. Why does this recipe work? So, is it a discovery when you don’t know what you did?


Tell us in the comments  seven. They invented eye makeup. You’ve probably seen some movies about ancient Egypt, both men, and women in Egypt wore makeup, and it was a symbol of nobility. The more makeup you had the higher, your social status was most of the time they had black eye makeup, but they were also able to create green eye makeup using malachite.  six, they form the world’s first police. The world’s first, police were formed during the Middle Kingdom, Period years 2052, 1800 BC. It included the most loyal warriors and foreign mercenaries. The Egyptian police didn’t have guns or cool badges, but they were armed with staff and accompanied, by dogs and trained monkeys. All right. Fella, you’re under arrest. Put the cuffs on him cheetah. Read him, his rights.


Yeah, it was exactly like that too. Apart from the usual duties that police officers have today. The ancient Egyptian police had to protect Tax Collectors. Police officers forced the citizens to pay their taxes on time. They even had detectives who investigated the most popular, kind of robbery of those times tomb robbery  five. They invented the calendar. We use the calendar to remember important things. Birthdays appointments, new, iPhone launch day, and so on.


However, the Egyptians could die without a way to tell. When the Nile would flood if they miss that day. All the Harvest was at risk. So the Egyptians designed a system to be able to know which season it was. They had three seasons of the Year inundation growing and harvest each season, consisted of four months and each month had 30 days. If you do the math, you will see that the Egyptian year was just five days. Shy of our modern year. Five days may not seem a lot but It is over time. This difference will add up and the seasons would shift so much that they would be opposite. That’s why the Egyptians added five extra days between the Harvest and inundation Seasons. These days served as religious holidays so that people could rest before the start of the new year.


They were the first to produce beer. You might have heard that the workers who built the pyramids were paid with four to five liters of Beer a Day. How can you possibly drink that much beer and kid up in the next morning to work? I think we should try it. We’re not sure what cure, the Egyptians used for a hangover, but we can conclude that Brewing was at an excellent level. The Egyptians were one of the first to produce the drink. three, they used or


Door locks were created in Egypt and China probably because such devices were needed. The more neighbors. You have more reasons the lock your door, the mechanisms of the law for quite simple. There were special pins inside. They didn’t let anyone open the door without the key. When the owner inserted, the key it moved the pins, and the person could enter the house. So now every time you lock the door and feel safe for your possessions, you know who you should be grateful to.  two, they played bowling in one, an ancient settlement near Cairo, archaeologists. Found a playroom going back to 3200, BC with carpool, lanes, and balls of various sizes for fingers, a little bit different from modern bowling. We’re used to players who stand on both sides of the length and didn’t aim to strike down the pins. The point was to throw the ball so they go exactly through the hole in the middle. The competitors were trying to do the same but from the


Death, hey combine. The bowling with the beer and now you got a new Friday night tradition. And  one. They treated Eyes. Eye infection was a common disease among Egyptians. They use various in. Sometimes extraordinary methods of treatment. They use bacterial Seidel paint and remedies made of human brains here is what one of the recipes looks like divide a human brain into two parts. Makes the first half with honey and apply on the eye in the evening dry the second half and apply in the morning. We don’t know two things from


They took the brains. Hopefully, they didn’t murder anyone especially for that and we have no idea if it helped. So, which of the fact did, you know, before this video and which surprised you the most tell us in the comment section below like this video and send it to your friends. Let them learn something new. And of course, click the Subscribe button to join us on the bright side of life.


Okay, Rocket Man. 10 facts about our planet. You didn’t learn in school. We seem to think we know pretty much all there is to know about our familiar home planet, that nothing can surprise us at this point. But are you willing to bet money on that? You might know that is called the Blue Planet, but did you know, that scientists say Earth was originally a different color or that the moon isn’t Earth? Only satellite entry is good. Let’s get to know our home planet, a little better with these 10 little-known Earthly facts, counting down from  10. The Moon is probably a chunk of the Earth. Before our planet had its Cosmic companion scientists believed that the early Earth was all alone in its path around the side. Then about 4 billion years ago, when the Earth was still just a baby, a gigantic Space Rock the size of Mars and with a lovely name. Sia collided, with our planet, as a result, a huge chunk of the Earth broke away and later, became our satellite, the moon, and our planet never felt.


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