Who is not annoyed with insects? Yes, maybe you have things that can invite him into the house. Try checking your house first, maybe there are some annoying insects. We will summarize 8 things that are effective at repelling insects:

1. Whitewashed frame

if part 2 of your house is painted white you should just replace it with green or blue because both are less attractive to insects. But if you want to repel mosquito, just because this insect doesn’t like dark colors.

2. Cardboard Container

This cardboard container is very liked by cockroaches, termites and other insects like to eat cardboard containers and this memory is also used as a place to live because the aroma left there due to other insects will flock to live on the trip. Well, it’s better to just throw it away, there are other alternatives such as plastic for storage containers.

3. Unpolished Wood

Wood Bees really like wood that has not been polished, especially if it has holes. These insects will make holes in the wood to nest their eggs. Don’t pile firewood near the house, make sure the wooden floor fence and roof structure of your house have been painted and polished. If in doubt, try a wet sponge to wipe the wood you’re checking. If the wood can absorb air and turn dark, it means it has not been polished.

4. Humid House

The moist house is a house that is often occupied by insect nests. Your house is in a humid place and the bathroom or kitchen area around the sink is very humid. To overcome this problem, usually make sure the drainage system in your house is good and there are no leaks. You can also use HIMUDITY to maintain the humidity level if you need to maintain the humidity system.

5. White Bulb

The bluish white can most attack the insects that he likes, yellow, pink and orange, just use LED lights a lot because the white sandals that are produced are not really white. But a mix of different colors. Even so some led lights can. It can also make insects like light bulbs never mind, replace it! With soft light bulbs.

6. Used Books

In addition, insects also like the impact of patterns and lawsuits, cockroaches like to eat the fiber found in this fiber plant, there is also paper on the table or in a drawer. If you need it, just store it in a tightly closed plastic container.

7. Plant

Otherwise you have to be good at plants in the house can attack insects, for example, many are watered or the bottom of the pot is stagnant because humid conditions make the insects approach, to ensure air circulation in the house is good, so that the humidity remains at a reasonable level with soil conditions and plants thrive without insects

8. Food and Drink

If you have fruit or vegetables in your house that are too ripe, throw them away or put them in a closed container because Lala could come at any time. And also check for liquid fermented ingredients such as soda or vinegar. if there is a spill, hurry! Wipe it clean. And wash it clean when you curse it.

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