Have leftovers at home? Why not recycle it into a functional craft to make your home beautiful? One of the household decorations that you can make yourself at home using leftover objects is a flower pot. If we had previously discussed how to make a minimalist flower pot out of concrete. Now refer to the tutorial on making homemade flower pots using cement and leftover towels.

Equipment and materials

The method of making this simple pot is not difficult, you only need to prepare some of the following equipment and materials.

  • White Cement
  • Rubber gloves
  • Water
  • cement mixer
  • Towel
  • Receptacle
  • Small pot
  • Rough sands
  • Acrylic paint

Method of Making POTS

After all the materials and equipment above are collected. Next, you can explore methods of making pots on this base.

Prepare the Cement Dough

The first thing you have to do is prepare the cement mixture. Be sure to wear rubber gloves before starting to make the cement mixture. For the type of cement, you can choose 3 Wheel quality cement.

After that, put 2 cups of cement into a container that has been prepared in advance, then add 1 cup of water. Depending on how big the desired pot is, you can change these dimensions at will, but make sure the dimensions are always 2:1 ratio.

After that add a little aggressive sand later, stir until all the ingredients are thoroughly mixed. The identity of a good dough is not too runny and not too dense.

Put the Towel in the Cement Dough

The next step to make a homemade flower pot from leftover towels is to first wet the towel with water so that the cement mixture absorbs. Next, make a hole in the towel to make a drainage path for the pot later. You can make a hole in the bottom of the pot so that the appearance of the pot is always aesthetic. Dip a towel in the mixed cement mixture until the surface is completely covered.

Make the Shape of the Towel as You Want

This is the time for you to hone your hidden artistic side. Take a towel that has been mixed with cement, but don’t let you squeeze the cement mixture that sticks to the towel. Turn the position of the pot, then place the towel on the top. The shape of the towel and cement dough matches the design you have in mind. You can also find inspiration for unique pot models on Pinterest for inspiration.

Allow the Pot to Dry

When the pot has started to form, allow the pot to dry within the last night. It would be better if you dry these pots and towels in the sun. But when it starts to rain, you should move to a more closed place. Do not let this pot get rained on and wet the cement that has begun to seep in the towel. Make sure your pot is completely dry.

Add Makeup to the Pot

After confirming the pot is completely dry. You can add decorative ornaments so that the flowerpot looks much more attractive. An easy thing that can be tried to make this pot beautiful is to use colored acrylic paint. Make a pot with an ombre color motif or a solid color to create a minimalist impression. Pot color options also vary, ranging from white, dark, or pastel.

This homemade flower pot made of cement and leftover towels can take up to 3 days. Starting from the manufacturing process to drying. Although it takes quite a long time, the results are no less charming than the pots sold in stores. If you have remaining cement, you can make a minimalist flower pot from concrete as an exterior decoration of the house.

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