The sun is shining, the birds are chirping and nature is ringing loudly. It must be morning. You should do things to get through the day, of course, that doesn’t include drinking too much coffee. Can you include this activity in your morning routine, watch it to find out, don’t forget to subscribe to notifications to join the bright side of life with bonsai 5 drink a glass of water When you wake up the first morning, check-up, brush your teeth, if you don’t drink a glass of water right away, you have a lot to lose the reason why drink water? after waking up in the morning it is very good to do drinking water right after getting up in the morning can facilitate digestion throughout the day after sleeping at night there may not be a bathroom for at least 5 to 8 hours. Because there is no regular digestion, drinking water at this time helps get rid of toxins in the stomach while you sleep. Because you haven’t eaten anything, the process of this relationship runs very smoothly and effectively. Drinking water in the morning is also good if you are maintaining your weight this can make your metabolism start to be active this allows your body to burn more calories throughout the day to be more effective. Try adding a squeeze of lemon to your water, not only will it taste good but this mixture will make you a little chewier. So you don’t eat too much breakfast.

latest based on a 2011 study from the University of Sydney drinking more water can reduce the risk of developing chronic kidney disease and body problems Overall history consuming more water will make your body function Better so it’s also good to start the day with a glass of water but the water has a room temperature and not too cold. If it’s cold like water drinking it in the morning will make you sick to your stomach where to eat a healthy breakfast eating a large bowl in the morning is appetizing but this month’s pregnant breakfast won’t help your body throughout the day it might give you a little energy at first but when the sugar levels are high blood decreases after a few hours you will feel weaker tired and hungry again instead of eating sugary dishes it is better to buy more breakfast for example is high protein food and good for healthy digestion contains vitamins minerals and complex carbohydrates which are digested slowly in the body which can maintain stability your blood sugar level adding fruit on out good to do to add deliciousness to your breakfast choose fruits like blueberries raspberries because they contain less sugar than other fruits these fruits are also rich in antioxidants if you don’t like sweet foods for breakfast eggs are a good source of protein d I can make you full longer with fresh ingredients and onions for a delicious breakfast, how come you suddenly feel very hungry?

three wake up immediately as soon as the alarm sounds, the most annoying alarm sound, especially when it goes off the second and third time, if you often press the Dinda button, you will know what it means, Mother will harm you if you want to go through a good morning and day when you sleep and wake up again 10 or 20 minutes. Then it disrupts your sleep cycle so it will make you feel very dizzy and confused after waking up 7-8 hours at night then once the alarm goes off wake up and get out of bed even if it doesn’t feel good you will feel the benefits later

let the sunlight in when you first wake up with this condition your eyes will be a little sensitive to light It may be heavy but this is important open your window blinds your body performs many functions throughout the day such as digestion etc. do this knowing the day has come if you stay close the curtains all morning and get ready in the dark this accepts the body’s natural and can be a bad start for you if you are trying to live a healthy life doing this can lower your BMI ratio according to the doctor feel the content of this novel there is getting ready or breakfast so the body knows to start the day If the weather outside is dark and cloudy, just turn on the house lights to wake up

Estimated after a long night of sleep, muscles that are a bit hard and stiff if you start the day without stretching or movement you will be more susceptible to injury later because the body does not get warmed up exercising in the morning is good to do to prepare the body for the day with lubrication try this exercise in the morning day and feel the benefits of standing with feet shoulder-width apart, squatting against the floor, hold this position for 30 seconds. If it’s comfortable, try moving forward and backward. Then use a little to relax the leaves or the Cobra process from the Squad switches to movement and puts your hands straight and lifts your body as if you are forming an inverted V, use your legs as a support so that your arms and shoulders, you to the maximum Even though your feet are graduated on the floor Try lifting one heel at a time to stretch your legs and hips try not to get too stiff after a few seconds lower your store to the floor lift your head and this marker is called Cobra pose and is great for stretching your abs and moving your spine for all this do not forget Why feel the hot sensation? What do you do every morning to have a productive and happy day share your morning routine with us that way we can learn.

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