Have you ever had the throwaway fruits and veggies? Just because they didn’t. Look at Apple anymore. Most of us, get a little carried away at the store and buy more than we can eat. And then don’t store them properly. In this case. Pay attention. There are ways to make your food, stay fresh and crisp longer one. Keep your fridge clean. Let’s start with the basics. I know cleaning the fridge isn’t the most exciting thing to tell but its necessary if you want. The last longer leftover residue or mold, spores can make your fruits and veggies, and go bad much faster to keep onions in nylon stockings, but twist, or tie knots to separate them from each other? Now, that’s what I call a smart Reeves onions, can get Rowdy pretty quickly, if there’s too much moisture. That’s why it’s better to keep them in a cool dark place. And if you hang them in tight, they can last up to eight months, three stored garlic in a dark place with low humidity. T, it’s best to keep them in a dark dry place, like a container or a paper bag. Also keep in mind that if the whole garlic bulb stays intact, it can last up, to two months. But the storage time of separating cloves is only three to ten days for place. The stems of parsley, cilantro basil, and asparagus in a container with water and leave them at room temperature. If you don’t want to put them in the fridge, then you have to treat them the way you treat flowers. Also don’t wash them until you’re ready to use them.

Five, put potatoes in a darkened. Cool place. Plastic bags aren’t the best option for storing potatoes, paper or mesh bags, work better. Another great reservation trick is to place them in a box with grits and cover the bottom with newspaper 6 to make avocados ripen faster, wrap them in newspaper, and put them in a paper bag. And usually takes, avocado, seven days to ripen. But if you use this tab, it will only take three to five days and if you put Banana inside the paper bag with the avocado. It’ll be ready in only two days, seven don’t store tomatoes in the fridge. Their storage time can vary from three weeks to two months. It all depends on how right they are. Would he buy them to make them last longer? Keep them in the pantry or on the counter because low temperatures make them lose their flavor. Eight, keep mushrooms in a paper bag with parsley, don’t ever wash them until you’re ready to cook because humidity can

Just leave mushrooms in the fridge and a paper bag and add some ranches of parsley which has antioxidant properties. Preventing the appearance of spots. Nine use white vinegar to disinfect strawberries. You should wait to wash Mary’s until rank before eating that because water makes them soft, which is bad for story. Take one part, white vinegar, and 2 parts, water to disinfect them. Make sure there are no berries with mold because they’ll ruin the others after that. You can Neither eat them, or after removing the stems, put them in an airtight bag in the freezer where the last up to four months. 10 to keep lettuce spinach or College, Fresh wrap them. After disinfecting. No, one likes soggy green leaves right to avoid this. Wash them in a large amount of cold water and dry them completely before putting them in a fridge. You can keep them either in a container or in an airtight bag. Just don’t forget to wrap them in a paper towel to absorb the remaining water, if you want them to stay crisp.

Up to two weeks, 11, wrap a lemon in tin foil or sprinkle it with salt after cutting it, if you only need half a lemon. Don’t let the other half go to waste, wrapping it in aluminum foil or putting salt on the pole will help it stay fresh for three days. Just don’t forget to rinse it. Well, before using again, 12, sprinkle an avocado with lemon juice. If you cut an avocado, with to save it from turning brown by putting a few drops of lemon juice on the pole, or bye. Brushing the avocado in half with a little bit of vegetable oil. You can also put it in a container with chunks of onion at the bottom with these tips. The avocado will retain its color for one or two days. 13. Leave peeled potatoes in a container with water and white vinegar to store freshly peeled potatoes up to four days, put them in a container full of water and add a few drops of white vinegar and place. In the fridge. This will help to prevent them from turning gray, 14 fries.

Ripe bananas for your smoothies if you bought bananas that are Ready, right, but you want to store them for longer, simply remove the peel. Cut them into and put them in an airtight bag. You can leave them in a freezer for up to three months, and use them for smoothies or homemade ice cream. Yum, 15 make cubes with cilantro parsley, basil, or any other herb or edible plant. This is a great trick that will save, not only your food but time as well, finely chop the herbs or plants. You want to use and pack them into Ooh, Ice Cube Wells then add melted butter, but don’t forget to let it cool before freezing. You can also use extra virgin olive oil when cooking melt a few Frozen, cubes of flavor, onto your pan, and enjoy the nice taste. 16. Keep citrus fruits, such as oranges on the counter. Citrus fruit should be stored away from direct sunlight at room temperature and in an open space. This will greatly reduce mold growth and the rapid spoiling of the fruit 17. Put

Oh peppers, in a paper bag is the bell. Pepper isn’t cut. Keeping it in a paper bag will help to keep it crisp and reduce moisture build-up, which creates an environment for mold growth. If it is cut then, wrap it in a paper towel and put it in an airtight container. 18 put plastic or aluminum foil around the stems of bananas. This yellowish fruit is known for producing ethylene gas while against rack. So putting plastic or aluminum foil around, its stem won’t, let the gas spread to other parts of the fruit saving the A boat from becoming a brown mushy mess for four to five days. 19 don’t store fruits and vegetables near a gas stove or in an area that tends to have heat or smoke just like ethylene natural. Gas is known to increase the ripening process when fruits or veggies are exposed to the heat, even from a toaster oven, they get ripe way to sell 20 store potatoes with apples to keep them from sprouting. Apples are potatoes best.

It’s because they can keep all the Sprouts away. But onions are not great companions for potatoes since they can make them go bad faster. 21, wrap your celery stalks in tinfoil. I don’t know about you, but I love crispy juicy celery as a snack. If you’re anything like me, then you better keep your celery in the fridge wrapped in tinfoil this way. You can extend, its freshness, or up to a whole month. 22. He Roots like ginger or two. Marik in the freezer. If you use routes for juicing or cooking, you can freeze them and they’ll still great Point easily, but their storage period will be much longer 23, use glassware for fridge storage, many Plastics contain harmful chemicals that can speed up the maturing process and increase spoilage. That’s why it’s better to store fruits and veggies in glass containers, or you can finally put your mason jars to use. 24, trim the carrots.

Any green tops draw out moisture and cause carrots to goal in pretty quickly. That’s why it’s better to cut them off and leave unfilled carrots in a zip-top bag in the fridge, if the carrots are peeled, keep them in a tightly covered container, filled with water. 25, don’t keep cucumbers in the fridge. They don’t like the corn low temperature can cause them to spoil faster. They are also super sensitive to ethylene gas. So keep them away from bananas. Melons and tomatoes. Do you know any other tips to keep your fruits and veggies fresh?

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