During the rainy season, one of the problems that we don’t often realize is the presence of water droplets from the roof of the house because the roof or tile of our house is leaking.

In the previous guide, 3 materials are easily available for you to patch leaky roof tiles, namely white cement, Styrofoam or cork, and leak-proof coating paint.

Now, you will know the method of using white cement and cork to prevent leaking tile roofs.

1. White Cement

The trick: Prepare the necessary equipment, such as white cement, leftover cans for containers, sandpaper, scrap, and water.

After everything is ready, start combining the white cement with water according to the instructions for use on the packaging into the remaining cans. Stir thoroughly.

Then, first, rinse the tile to be patched with sandpaper. After cleaning, apply the cement mixture to cover the gaps or cracks in the leaking tile.

Allow it to dry. This method can generally last up to 2-3 years.

2. Styrofoam or cork

Leftover Styrofoam is usually easy to get when we buy electronic items.

The trick:

Prepare the necessary equipment, among others, Styrofoam, leftover cans for containers, sandpaper, brushes, and gasoline.

Cut the styrofoam into small pieces then put it in a can container, then pour the gasoline as needed.

Gasoline serves to dissolve the styrofoam into a thick liquid form and stir until thoroughly. Prepare the tile to be patched by first cleaning it with sandpaper.

After that, apply the Styrofoam liquid with a brush on the cracked or leaking tile surface, then allow it to dry.

However, some of these methods can only be applied to tiles with small cracks, holes, or leaks.

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