In the world of construction, materials such as cement, mortar, and concrete are 3 different things. Mortar is a combination of cement, sand, and slaked lime to attach bricks. Mortar is more used as a mortar, ranging from lightweight brick adhesive mortar, plaster, plaster, to ceramics. One of the main keys so that the building is always strong is to choose a quality mortar. For those of you who want to build a house, you should first understand some of the main types of mortar so you can determine which one is more suitable for use.

Lightweight Brick Plaster Main Mortar

Plaster Plus is one of the main mortars from Cement, which is a solution with the right composition of quality selected materials. the result of a combination of Limestone Sand, Cement, and Additives. This will be very suitable to be used as quality lightweight brick stucco so that the results are smoother and not easy to crack.

THINBED Lightweight Brick Adhesive

The need for lightweight bricks in some construction work certainly requires the right adhesive companion. THINBED works as a strong and thin adhesive that makes a lightweight yet inexpensive brick room companion. As a lightweight brick, it has strong adhesive energy and its use is more effective and efficient. All types of lightweight brick will be suitable for use.

Multipurpose Mortar

Those who are new to the world of construction, may not have mastered what materials are needed for a building. If you want something simple, it can be used as an option. One of them is an instant and long-lasting multipurpose mortar. building mortar

consists of selected quality materials, such as Limestone Sand, Cement, and Additives. The result is also more durable, can glue firmly, and is instantaneous in use so it is suitable for room work.

White Asian Mortar

So the right choice is a mortar for white mortar. You can create a smoother surface. You can also minimize cracking and peeling of the surface due to plastic properties with high adhesive strength. Not only that, but it is also fast and easy to work with, more economical in material consumption, and can be used on concrete surfaces by adding white glue.

Main Features of Quality Mortar

Many benefits can be obtained by using mortar as your construction work. Some of them, act as binders, can cover uneven surfaces, and plaster. Not only that, but another benefit of mortar is also for plastering walls and being a casting material so that the process is shorter.

Quality building mortar is different from other mortars and can be recognized from the characteristics of the mortar itself. Generally, quality mortar has a combination consistency that is maintained and creates great workability. Because of its great workability, quality mortar is easier and faster to process. Thus, the quality of the work also increases, the construction is slicker, stronger, and durable.

An example of a quality primary mortar that you can find on the market is the manufacture of Cement. Not only superior in terms of quality, building mortar and is also recommended for construction work that wants practicality and efficiency. All mortar products and

able to make it easier to speed up the implementation of construction so that the results are more satisfying

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