Persian cat head

is a distinctive sign that is easy to remember, this dizzy head is usually round with a flat face, the diameter of the head is larger than other types of cats, coupled with a wide set of eyes and a sweet expression, and the moon, in our terms, is chubby or chili, the nose is more unique. because he has a snub nose between the rounded head then the ears are quite small, thin, slightly rounded and tend to move forward

Persian cat’s paw

Persian cat can be said to be quite short but strong because it is supported by a fairly large foot bone size. The front and hind legs are straight and accompanied by different colors of leg hair. You can also recognize the characteristics of the Himalayan Persian cat from their leg hair because this breed has fur. different feet compared to other Persian breeds.

Persian cat paws

identification, Is the cat you want to buy a persian cat you can check on the paws of the gojek it is quite large, somewhat round and it is equipped with 5 toes on the front paws and only four toes on the hind paws the characteristics of a persian cat on the this part of the paws you can just keep in your memory before deciding to buy a persian cat.

Persian cat fur

Cats have fur but fur on Persian cats, it’s very cheap that Persian cat fur is synonymous with the long thick and shiny word so the Persian cat coat is a way to cover all parts of the body

Persian cat tail

but you can consider this. If you are still unsure about choosing a cat the Persian cat’s tail is almost the same as other cats, but this tail is straighter and has thick hair for the length of the tail itself, usually the proportion of body size so maybe you will find a short tail in kittens persia.

Persian cat body shape

Persian cat has a bushy stature, most of its body is round, making it look like a doll. Most people are attracted to Persian cats because of the almost complete shape of the fur on the stocky body. Persian cats will also if you pamper them by taking care of their fur.

Persian cat personality

Persian cat, this cat is classified as a cat that is not adventurous and more calm personality they prefer peace with a soft voice maybe you will also find that some Persian cats are more comfortable being indoors although there are some who often go out when you If you have a Persian cat who likes to go out, you have to be diligent in cleaning and caring for this cat’s body parts, especially the fur

Persian cat color

Persian cat is difficult to remember So maybe you can provide a pen and paper to note the color of the Persian cat is divided into 8 types of colors, namely Solid color Silver and Gold, Calor Kalor and Himalayan.

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