Now, here you are in complete darkness. You keep your eyes wide open, but can’t see a thing. You can still hear smell and feel things. You just can’t see, but you feel almost powerless. Take away your vision and it’s like you’re almost completely locked out of life. Humans mainly perceive the World Through The Eyes of dogs. See it all differently. They have died chromatic Vision, which means they only see yellow Violet purple, and Shades of Grey. So check this out. Is the color spectrum, most people see and this is what dog safe. So they’re colorblind in a way, but they have way better night vision and they see motion better to still the visual part. Isn’t that important for them? As it is for us? There’s another Channel. They perceive most information through if they lose it, they most likely feel just like you would if you had to live in the darkness forever, that’s secret information Channel. They use is the sense of smell. We learn things about the world mostly by By observing dogs, mostly perceiving it, by smelling each smell is different for them. And it tells a story. The reason why we perceive the world so differently is that isn’t how our brains work. A human brain has a larger visual cortex that is responsible for processing visual information and a dog’s brain, has a larger olfactory cortex, which is responsible for the processing. The sense of smell a dog’s olfactory. Cortex is 40 times larger than humans.

You can guess how a person’s Feeling by looking at the dogs. Can do the same thing by smelling above the roof of a dog’s mouth. There’s a special factory system, the vomeronasal organ, it lets dogs. Learn things. They can’t see why they smell people and other animals. This way, they can get their first impression of someone and tell if they’re sad or happy dangerous or friendly and they’re way better at feeling such things. And we are so we maybe see more colors but dogs have way more. Scent receptors. Let’s do some math. A human has about 5 million of those and a dog can have up to around 300 million scent receptors. A dog’s sense of smell is around 10,000 times more acute than ours. The dog breed with the best sense of smell is a bloodhound followed by bluetick coonhound Labrador, Retriever, and herding breeds like the German Shepherd. Our noses are also fundamentally anatomically. Different humans only have one air passage and we both smell and breathe through.

So we can keep the smell for long. We inhale to get the smell, but it just goes away once we exhale. Dogs have a different way. They have air passages separated by a fold of tissue. One passage is for smelling and the other one is for breathing. Have you noticed those little slits on the sides of a dog’s nose? That’s the part. They breathe through. They can keep that one smell, they caught in focus on it. The air that gets out as they exhale also helps new odors into the dog’s nose.

It’s can determine which exact one of their nostrils smelled something. So, they’re able to locate the direction from which a particular smell is coming dogs. Can follow such floating in the air and those that stay on the ground, sweat perfume and even just floating cells and gland. Secretions are all examples of are sense. The bacteria attached to any setting helps to individualize it. A ground set combines ground Mudbugs soil and anything else on the ground that’s disturbed by human steps. When you walk, you disturb and mix up the smells and you leave a scent trail behind while you’re walking, a dog can detect this difference and follow the trail as you pass by the air and ground sense and your scent and that of the surroundings, mix up the smell you leave behind after every new Step gets stronger. So a dog moves where the scent seems to become stronger don’t usually have wet and cold noses and it’s super useful for them. There’s a coating of mucus that helps the dog.

Smell more effectively by capturing scent particles. Another reason why dogs’ noses are wet is that they often lick them. Can you guess by now why they do it? Yep. It’s because their nose is a vital organ which they need to function properly. So dogs, take good care of it. Keeping it clean and moist when your dog sees you they lick the nose to take up some smell and assess the situation where you’ve been and what you were doing. While licking its nose, the dog can also send you a Signal that it feels good in wanting to spend some time with you. They also do. To show that they’ve been calm and happy. But if your dog licks its nose unusually often, it might indicate that it’s nervous about something. There’s one weird thing about dogs. We can never understand but occasionally, they might happily role in something. So smelly you have trouble breathing like dirty socks. I know. Yeah. Or something even worse. Why do they like it so much? Well, to them. The smell is like a beautiful new landscape for an artist. They’re fond of the smell. Owls and strong or interesting ones are their favorites. So they’re curious and attracted to them. They smell everything by sniffing something, they can tell who’s just been there, and they probably can even say something about that person or animal. So other dogs can trace your pup. And it probably doesn’t want to get traced and might still be their Instinct from back when they were wild animals and went after prey rolling. In a smelly thing, helps a dog mask, its order. Every smell.

History. A dog might want to roll in something to get that smell on its body and then show others what it’s found when it communicates with another dog. They sniff each other and each can tell where they’ve been and what they’ve been up to. So it’s kind of like social media for them. It’s like when you’re walking your dog, there’s a lot of sniffing going on one dog, post something and the other dogs come by and comment on it, but there’s another reason as well. A stinky smell to them is like perfume for us. A dog puts on its idea of perfume to attract mates or just to impress. You are their favorite owner. They just don’t get it that you don’t like it. Now dogs lick. They can lick your hands and even your face, some people love it and say the dog gives them kisses others, not so much, but licking is very natural for dogs. They learn it back when they are puppies and their mother. Licks them to groom them and show affection. Once they learn to do it. They can copy that behavior for several reasons.

You might just smell and taste good to them. You’re a bit salty, and a proper dog. Admires an interesting taste. They might also do it to get your attention. They’re bored and want you to play with them, or at least just to acknowledge them. So, they break into your personal space. If they lick a person, they see a reaction people smile laugh, say something pet the dog. Even if a person is less affectionate and instead tries to make the dog go away. It’s still attention, right? So they’ll want more of it if it’s become a problem. The best way to make your dog stop is to not react in any way. Once they start just turn around, or stand up and leave or as soon as the licking stops reward your dog and soon enough. They’ll understand that? No kisses mean good, that puppy wants something from you. Can you say no to it? Nope. Not when it tilts his head and gets this cute. Don’t usually tilt their heads in the same direction.

Every time just like there are right-handed and left-handed people. There are right tilting and left tilting dogs. Why do they do it? The research on that one is still ongoing one possible. The explanation is that dogs must tilt their head when they pay close attention to you? It can be a way to adjust their ears to hear you better or it can be linked to their Vision. They try to see your face better. But one thing seems pretty legit. They do it all just for you. So how cute. Is that?

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