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Hello friends, you are still hesitant to assemble a PC. Indeed PCs are very important for our work such as gamers, offices, and students. Don’t worry we will help you to assemble the PC according to your wishes. The most important thing in assembling a PC, try to see some important points that you must know.

Adjust to your budget before assembling the PC


Sometimes we get confused in assembling a pc, try to calculate all the components that suit your needs. If you have a low budget, try buying components that suit your property, such as offices or students, usually, they use a lower or adequate processor. Do not be expensive, which is important for your needs. If you are a rich person like your property as a game and generate a lot of subscribers and a lot of income from social media, we suggest trying to assemble a better PC so that your game performance is good, such as buying an expensive VGA and an expensive Processor which is now very expensive or as a design. or 3d anime makers or programmers this is also suitable for you to buy a very expensive PC because this is very important for its lifetime allowance. There are also people who have big budgets but buy all the expensive components but are not useful for them, such as people who only work using Microsoft Word, Excel, and others or follow date even though the application does not require high PC components, for example.


Assemble! PC to a trusted person or professional


Especially for your layman, if you are still in doubt, try to assemble a PC and leave it to someone who knows everything. Don’t assemble your own pc with knowledge from the internet sometimes. When everything is assembled, there must be something that doesn’t fit in the pc assembly. Let us give up our money for pc assembly services than later there will be problems. It’s a pity if you have bought an expensive PC raft, there are many problems. This is specifically for PC Assembling Pro for people who already know the details of PC assembly from start to finish, please feel free to save the budget.


Important software to buy when assembling a pc

It’s not necessarily all finished assembling the PC, there are some important things. When the PC is finished, the Windows software is like Windows 10, if we recommend buying Windows 10 original, most of the benefits are safe from malware and can be moved when we can move to a new PC. Then Microsoft office specifically for offices or students, or as a design, buy adobe. This is all according to your needs depending on individual tastes. The most important thing is the windows 10 key. As for the cheap windows, there are cheap OEMs on other sites and there are also many discount offers. Disadvantages of Windows 10 OEM cannot be moved to another PC, only 1 device is enough. If it is already installed, you can’t install it again and can be attacked by malware too.

Home Electricity according to PC power


The most important thing is that before assembling the PC according to our electricity, sometimes our electric house is 900 watts while the consumption of our PC exceeds the electrical capacity of the house, the fear is that the lights often go out and can damage the PC compound if the lights often go out. If you are in doubt about this article’s questions, try to contact us.

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